Fantasy sports has gained a lot of traction from the Indian audience over the last few years. It is not a surprise that the fantasy cricket game is a major hit across India since cricket is considered almost a religion in the country. Fantasy sports allow you to become the manager and owner of your own teams by selecting real players playing in the real match. You are a part of the action without actually being present on the field. This element adds to the thrill of the game, which lets you connect with players from across the country and showcase your sporting knowledge and skills to defeat them.

Create The Right Team For Your Fantasy Cricket Mat

The Howzat app available on Play Store and the App Store is the best platform to play fantasy cricket games for free online. However, before you create a team, you need the knowledge of how to create the right team for any fantasy cricket match. You can follow the Howzat blog page for the latest tips and tricks for picking the best team for all the upcoming matches. Read on to learn some factors that you must consider while picking your teams to make the most of your options.

Selection of players based on their current form and game format

Players should not be chosen only on the basis of their reputation or stature while putting together a fantasy cricket XI. Players may not be able to repeat their previous performances as they get older and near the end of their careers. So despite their excellent reputation, some cricketers may not be able to provide you with the most number of points. Besides, a player may be great in other game formats but not so good at the one in question. So the game format is another important thing to consider when selecting your fantasy team. A red-ball expert who has scored a lot of runs in Tests may not be so good in T20 cricket.

Selections based on the pitch

You should conduct extensive study into the nature of the pitch. More spinners should be included in your line-up if the surface favors spin bowlers, while batsmen who thrive against spin should be prioritized. This may lead to the exclusion of some well-known names, but it's an important consideration. If a batsman or a bowler has a better track record at a specific venue, he/she should be chosen for the squad. Due to the dew factor or other variables, the pitch may get better to bat on in the second half of the match. In such instances, prefer batsmen who chase well over those who play well in the first innings.

Selection of wicket-taking bowlers

When it comes to bowlers, fantasy XIs should focus on wicket-taking bowlers rather than those who are only economical. There is a prospect that the batting side will play out a bowler's quota of overs rather than taking chances to score runs against him. As a result, the best bowlers on the field may not be the best fantasy cricket bowlers. Economy rates and dot balls do not receive as many points as wickets on Howzat. Hence, a spell of 3 overs that includes 3 wickets but at the cost 46 runs is better than a spell of 4 overs in which the bowler concedes only 16 runs and picks a solitary wicket. In reality, the latter could have benefitted the team more than the former but fantasy performance will say otherwise.

Selecting your team after thorough research

Selecting a team of 11 players without conducting prior study on the members is a common blunder made by fantasy players. Rather than picking players at random, it's best to include players who have a good track record at the venue and against the opponents they will be facing. The players’ recent form must be taken into account, as well as the batsmen and bowlers' previous performances against the opposition they are facing.

Selection of the captain and the vice captain

The selection (or non-selection) of the right players as your captain or vice captain in fantasy cricket may well be the deciding factor of your team’s overall performance. The captain earns 2X the points as other players for the same performance and the vice captain earns 1.5X points as other players for the same performance. If the duo are one of the top performers in the real match, it will increase your likelihood of winning the fantasy contest.

Picking a balanced team

You must select at least one all-rounder and one wicketkeeper, as well as at least three batsmen and bowlers apiece. Selecting top-order batsmen for your team will increase your chances of winning, especially in T20s and ODIs.  In shorter formats of the game, the higher a batsman bats, the more likely he/she is to play a good number of balls. So despite the fact that finishers have a higher strike rate or have a greater impact on the game, you should select more top-order batsmen than finishers. However, it is always wise to select all-rounders as they can bring balance to your squad with their abilities.

Taking a final look at your team after the toss

Toss updates are crucial as team management might make some unexpected decisions with respect to their playing XIs. Due to various reasons, a player who can be considered as a certainty prior to the game can miss out. This may be due to unfortunate reasons like injuries. The captain and the coaching staff might decide to drop a player because of a strategy. Choosing a player who isn't in the starting XI can make a huge difference and impact a close game as there are points on offer for players who are in the starting XI.

Now that you know the tips and tricks of picking the right fantasy team for your next fantasy match, you can play fantasy cricket games for cash on the Howzat cash app and win exciting prizes. The Howzat cash gaming app can be downloaded from Howzat’s official website. You can use your knowledge of the game to win big and also keep an eye on the Howzat blog for more insights. Happy gaming!

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