Released on the Steam store a month ago, Knights of Tartarus - a role-playing game where you enter the underworld to fight off a legendary order of knights, has received several positive reviews. With Knights of Tartarus, you can easily feel the vibe of the old Legend of Zelda games on the NES platform by its 8-bit graphic design and the screen-by-screen gameplay that takes you on an adventure to the open world. But the game itself also has its own mechanics, with turn-based fights and exclusive crafting and wizardry system. You will have literally learn new spells and obtain materials for crafting by defeating your enemies. Sounds interesting? Let’s take a look at the beautiful trailer:

Knights of Tartarus Gameplay Trailer

Last Friday, Crescent Moon Games posted an announcement on their Twitter that Knights of Tartarus will be brought to mobile sometime in the future. A brief video of the game’s version for mobile which gives us some clues about its controls on the touchscreen – a straightforward and easy-to-follow controlling scheme – was also revealed:

Because Knight of Tartarus was meant to be nostalgia with a 4:3 aspect ratio, the game itself is most likely going to be presented in the form a square screen rather than a rectangle one. And due to that fact, the spare space at the edges of the touchscreen could be used for those virtual controllers. That is a nice thing to hear since you won’t necessarily have to worry about those buttons blocking your game while you’re focused to get through its fantastic gameplay.

Knights Of Tartarus 1
"You will need monsters to teach you their spells, craft items, solve puzzles and even compete against your rival." - The game's description on Steam reads

The launch date for the mobile version of Knights of Tartarus is still a mystery. However, its price has been revealed. You can get it for $4.99 (Rs 345) which is relevant. But after watching the trailer, I’ve already got in the hype train and absolutely will keep an open eye for it.