Humble Bundle has recently released a lot of great games on many different platforms such as Aegis Defenders or the infamous Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy on Switch or PC, yet there are some cool titles exclusive on PC also, namely Cultist Simulator. While the game has made a fever in 2018, it is now expected to be brought to mobile devices as Playdigious recently announced its mobile trailer.

Cultist Simulator was initially released by Weather Factory, which is founded by Alexis Kennedy, the creator of Fallen London and Sunless Sea, so we can expect that it is also a great narrative-centric game. In the game, you are tasked with forming a cult as a citizen of an unknown society.

The game features a minimalist yet intriguing gameplay with cards and actions. Cards represent every element in the game, including emotions, items, characters and so on. The actions, on the other hand, are choices that you can make throughout the course of the game, they can represent Talk, Study, Explore, or Dream. Each choice you make with cards and actions can lead to different outcomes and as you keep playing the game, you can find it more and more tangible and random.

Cultist Simulator
The game is simplistic as every element is presented by cards.

Cultist Simulator also features an RPG-inspired system in which you can try to combine cards to explore, gain resources, money or learning dark arts. The amount of possibilities is huge and you should try as much as you can to find out the perfect and suitable combinations to serve your purpose.

One more thing, while you can freely arrange, make choices and combine cards, the cards are constantly moving and changing. In many cases, there are timers counting down and when they do, certain cards will burn up, or change into some other types. This helps keep the game more versatile yet still thrilling without forcing you to deal with huge stacks of cards.

Cultist Simulator is expected to release in this year's second quarter so stay tuned.