Bad North from Raw Fury is a minimalist RTS that was originally launched for PC last year to a warm reception. We first reported on this one earlier this month when it was put up for pre-registration on both Google Play and the App Store, and now, at long last, the game has finally arrived. What’s even better is, this mobile port also comes with the additional content of the Jotunn Edition straight out of the gate. Check out its trailer below:

Your goal in Bad North is to protect various islands from Viking Invaders. You'll assign orders to the officers under your command and they will try their best to see them fulfilled. When planning your strategy, you will have to take the shape and elevation of each map into account.

Bad North
Remember to ake the shape and elevation of each map into account while planning your strategy

Another thing worth mentioning about Bad North is that it includes some roguelike elements, so any commander you lose in battle will be gone forever. What this means is, one single mistake can cost you all the investment that you’ve put into upgrading a character’s abilities. If that sounds like too high of a stake for you, though, rest assured: As mentioned, this mobile port is the Jotunn Edition, which offers a way to work around this.

Basically, there is an option to adjust the difficulty level of the game, so you can experiment with that to find the point that is just right for you. The easier options allow you to turn off the 'Iron Mode' nature of the campaign and adds several Checkpoint Islands that you can fall back to when things go south, saving you the hassle of starting from scratch again. Moreover, the Jotunn Edition also brings new enemies, hero traits, and items to the game, further enhancing the experience.

Bad North 2
You will have the ability to adjust the difficulty level with the Jotunn Edition

Bad North is up for grab right now on both Google Play and the App Store. This is a premium game priced at £4.99 (Rs 350).