Famous Japanese game development company CyberStep has just launched Dawn of the Breakers, their most recent mobile game project, on a worldwide scale on both App Store and Google Play.  In the game, the player will take on the role of a high school student in modern day Japanese world, where the Ghouls (a mysterious and dangerous type of creatures) waged war against humans and it is our mission to fight them. You will become a fighter in a superhero group, the Breakers, and fight your way through this action 3D brawler game!

A legendary adventure

To sum up Dawn of the Breakers, we could say that it is an action 3D game with an extensive campaign in the single-player mode. In this mode, you will fight against many different enemies from fearsome monsters to villains with super-power. To survive you will have to uncover dangerous plots and make new friends throughout the scenario!

Dawn Of The Breakers A New Rpg Mobile Anime Game F
Team work in the game

Many Customization

You can customize your gameplay by choosing from many types of heroes, each one will have different abilities. Train them to awaken their power and use that to battle against the hardest foes.

Dawn Of The Breakers A New Rpg Mobile Anime Game F
Many heroes to choose

Play with your Friends

In Dawn of the Breakers, you could play your Heroes in cooperative mode with your friends.  You can team up with up to 2 other players to fight against the hard bosses in the game.

Challenge yourself in the Arena

You can also participate in the ranking system in the Team Deathmatches.  In each match, you will be in a team of 3 and compete with another 3-player team. There is also a duel system for you to participate in if you are into more direct skill comparing. Go and battle your way to the top of the Rank, if you get to the top each week you will get many rewards, even exclusive items also!

The campaign of Special Login

To celebrate the launch of Dawn of the Breakers on Android and iOS, the publisher has started a special login campaign. During 5 days of the campaign, if you log in you will receive the rewards below:

First Day: 10 Capsule Ticket
Second Day: 100,000 Enchant Coin
Third Day: 3 Major Stamina Restore
Fourth Day: 1 Awakening Material Set
Fifth Day: 1 SR Capsule Ticket

Dawn Of The Breakers A New Rpg Mobile Anime Game F
Special Login