Earlier today, Nippon Ichi Software has announced that the Disgaea RPG on mobile will have its online service back on November 2019. In this announcement, the company has also announced the schedule of re-releasing the game, that will lead to the restart of Disgaea Mobile.

According to the announcement, Disgaea RPG devs team are focusing on fixing the stability of the online server, along with improving the game's quality, up until this September. In the next phase, starting from September to October, the game will re-enter its testing phase, to finding bugs and making adjustments for the final version of the game. After that, the company will bring back the game in November.

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The game has been in maintenance most of the time

Disgaea RPG, also known as Makai Senki Disgaea RPG Mobile, was launched on iOS and Android back in March 2019. However, due to a lot of bugs and error, the game has been in maintenance for most of the time, with the later decision of fully taken down the game to fix all the issues. It's also because of this incident, Nippon Ichi Software stock price has taken a deep dive, leading to the current financial crisis of the company.

In an earlier announcement, Nippon Ichi Software has said that the game will be available in early Fall 2019.

Disgaea Rpg
In-game screenshot

While this is a strong franchise of NIS with a lot of fans, the series currently at a pause, as no new titles got announced. Only ports of older games got released, with the upcoming port of Disgaea 4 Complete+ being released on PS4 and Switch on October 29th. However, the company is currently experimenting with new games and franchise, and while they are mostly safe choices with low-budget games, the fact that they've released a bunch of titles in 2019 is still commendable.

Disgaea RPG will once again available on Android and iOS this November.