NIS America stated that starting from 22 October, players can get the PC version of this game on Stream for $39,99. However, the price is only $29,99 around the releasing date, which last to October 29.

Furthermore, NIS America reveals that it is making a collaboration with the famous gamer community - Alienware Arena - with the aim of giving out some demo codes for those who create an account via this link. The good news is the data saved in the demo version will still remain the same when the official version is released.

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Below is some more information about the game:

With Overlords ruling the universe, there is only one who can rule it all.

Disgaea 5 is a tale about rebellion and revenge. While on his way enslaving Netherworlds, the powerful and horrifying Void Dark encounters a young demon who desires to put an end to his reign and take over the universe - Kilia.

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Killia's squad attack

The game puts Killa and his determined rebel army through their deadly and scary path that leads to vengeance. Packed with even more stunning action and humorous writing than before, Disgaea 5 Complete’s profit will certainly be listed in the books of records.

Disgaea 5 Complete - PC Announce Trailer

This strategy role-playing game will give you hours and hours of pleasing-to-the-eye, stunning and award-winning-qualified gameplay. Disgaea 5 Complete also has a bonus of 8 scenarios, 4 most-beloved characters chosen by fans and 3 classes of character which were initially DLC in the PS4 version of Disgeaea 5: AoV.

Disgaea 5: Complete Screenshot

Main Features

  • The Full Experience of the game – Enjoy the whole Disgaea 5 story with the combination of eight bonus scenes, four most favorite characters voted by fans, and three choices of class for your character from the game’s series!

  • A Legendary Role-Playing Game Series Remade – The newest flagship Role-Playing Game from one of the biggest developers in Role-Playing, strategy game industry around the world, with a whole new plot and dails the sense of humour and strategic system up to 9999 levels, invites newbies and veterans to try it out.

  • Countless Hours of Content – Applying the tradition of Disgaea, D5C brings us unlimited content full of deep strategy.

  • Highly Strategic Battles – Take part in thrilling and carefully planned battles beside inventive systems such as Alliance Attacks, Geo Effects, Magichange, Character Towers, and even more!

  • Wide-ranged and Fun Customization – Recruit your own units from more than 40 type of occupations and races and start strengthening them however you feel is suitable in their own personal Chara Worlds! Search for and collect a large amount of items or create your own items at the Alchemist. You can also enhance them and figure out their hidden tributes in Item World! Furthermore, if you want to make some adjustment, you can change the game’s rules at the Dark Assembly! The possibilities are unlimited!