Maybe you know the developer Itatake from Sweden, they are quite well known for their release of many notable titles such as WordClue, Pukk, and 99 Rockets which are all free to play.  And for your knowledge, they are all inoffensive upbeat games for mobile platforms. However, their upcoming title Rest in Pieces is going to be totally different. This new game is a third-person swinger kind of game, in the game, you will swing your character right or left by touching that side of the screen.

Do You Want To Be A Beta Teste
Rest in Pieces

The objective is to avoid the obstacles that coming to hit you. It seems like this game is very normal and inoffensive right?  But the theming is telling it all ... the object that you will be in charge of controlling is a doll made of glossy porcelain and the setting that the doll swings in what could be described as a creepy and dark hellscape. See the trailer below to see it by yourself:

Wanna become a beta tester?

The game is just simply wrong but in a very logic way. The fact that the porcelain doll doesn't react at all and that it will simply shatter when it hit something makes the game so much scarier for some reason.  If you are into this kind of game and you are not scared by this creepiness at all, then you could sign up for the beta tester program to try it out before the official launch.

Do You Want To Be A Beta Tester For Rest In Pieces
A boss in the game.

To become a beta tester you just need to head to this thread and note your interest. The developers will get your contact and send you the beta version very soon after.  In case that you are not interested in the beta but like the creepy and unique theme of  Rest in Pieces, be sure to follow our feed because we will keep an eye on the game progress and update it as soon as possible.