If you’ve read our review of Dr. Mario World, you’ll know that we criticized it heavily. Now, however, we’ve decided to take another peek at Nintendo’s latest venture into the mobile game world, as it seems to have gotten a lot more playable after a recent update.

One of the biggest problems we had with the game was the energy system that limits how long you can play it for. Basically, you are given a certain number of hearts after a fixed period of time, and if you want to get into a level, you need to spend one heart. Once you run out, you need to wait for hearts to recharge before you can play again.

Mario World 21bfc
You have to spend a heart in order to get into a stage

The thing is, before the new update, the maximum number of hearts you could have at any given time is only 5, which was really negligible. That basically meant you HAD to spend real money to purchase more hearts if you wanted to play. Thankfully, the update has now pumped this number all the way up to 45, which is a huge deal. Now, it’s really hard to run out of hearts, so you don’t have to worry about it too much anymore.

Dr Mario World 1
Microtransactions are still rampant in the game, but this is a step in the right direction

Make no mistake, microtransactions are still running rampant in Dr. Mario World, and they are still going for ridiculously high prices. As a result, the game still remains in our blacklist for the moment.  Still, with the increased number of maximum hearts, you will be able to play more and thus earn more coins, which you can then use to unlock more characters without having to wipe out your wallet. This doesn't completely remove all the microtransactions, but it is still a step in the right direction from Nintendo. We do have to compliment the company for listening to feedback from the community.