Game developer and publisher Epic Games has just filed a lawsuit against Apple and Google over famous game Fortnite’s removal out of App Store and Play Store. In the past, Epic Games launched a direct payment in its game in a bid to avoid the payment via App Store and Play Store.

Fortnite Epic Games Apple App Store Ban Removal

In the lawsuit, the company accused Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store of constituting a monopoly. Payment restrictions of these app stores haven’t allowed other apps to join a fair competition. Accordingly, Epic Games said that they wanted to claim fairness and end up the monopoly of both Apple and Google. It doesn’t intend to require cash compensation or any kind of beneficial policy for itself. Instead, the company hopes to look for a helpful measure to help both app developers and users.

Epic Games alleges that Apple has had a monopoly in the iOS ecosystem and App Store, and just allows users and developers to use its payment method. And therefore, this Big Tech technology company can earn a 30% App Store commission from in-app purchases.


Speaking of Google, the tech giant allows developers to bring apps to Android more freely than Apple does for its OS. Even this company lets third-party app stores operate, for example, Epic Games App. They also sideload apps via direct links and an app store isn’t involved. That’s what Apple never accepts.

However, the similarity between Google and Apple is that a 30% commission of all purchases in apps and games. Also, Google just accepts the only payment method.

According to Epic Games, Google promises to form a platform with the fair competition but it has used its payment policies to create barriers against other apps. In the past, Fortnite could be installed on Android devices via direct links and since April 2020, the hit game has officially been available on Play Store.

However, Epic Games doesn’t accept paying up to 30% of its revenue for Apple and Google - which many developers used to voice their objections. Its suit can ignite a larger battle between app developers and two tech giants Apple and Google.