Seven Epic possesses unique Anime graphics and a turn-based tactical combat which is fascinated characterized as JRPG. Smilegate Megaport, a well-known game publisher from South Korea, in cooperation with Super Creative, a Korean indie developer, has just announced the launch of its up-to-date RPG, Epic Seven.

The game is currently pre-registered in its home South Korea. Once the Google Play page reaches the milestone of one million users, all players will receive a special offer for effortless adventure in the magical world of Epic Seven.


Developed by Super Creative - the "father" of extremely popular games such as Kingdom Under Fire or Soccer Spirits, Epic Seven has inherited the essence of the JRPG in-turn role-playing game series.

With a distinctive and eye-catching 2D anime style, Epic Seven easily conquers the "devotees" of the game. The game is expected to be released in South Korea, North America, Europe, China, and Southeast Asia in the upcoming year.

By a hurried look, you can see the familiar features in the general formation of Epic Seven as the game’s design artists have also been involved in various previous projects such as Dragon Nest or Magna Carta. Thus, the gamer community has absolutely no reasons for any concerns or suspicion. Especially, in term of technical quality, the game is promised to offer no latency and not to require any additional download.



Overall, Epic Seven has a glamorous appearance and a vibrant battle system. The game has no release date yet, but hopefully, Publisher Smilegate Megaport will do a good job for its official launch in the upcoming time. Whatever, it’s the future concern. Just now, be smart and hurry up to book a slot in Google Play in advance to get immersed in this attractive game as soon as possible.