Labels and titles can be misleading. UnizSoft’s idle RPG Road Of Hero allows your heroes to level up even when you’re not playing directly. However, the gaming experience is far from something called “idle”.

The game is set in a long-past scenario, when humans, devils, and many other creatures lived with one another in harmony. But now, an interdimensional rift has opened and threatens to drive everyone mad. You are the one working to save everyone from losing their sanity and descend into conflicts.

Road Of Hero
Idle-RPG Road Of Hero - it is not as "idle" as you think it is!

Things to know about your heroes!

In the game, you will pick a band of heroes, rush to the battlefield, and destroy enemies one by one. Your heroes have automatic attacks, your job is to deploy random skills that appear at the bottom area. Also, remember to pull the strings, which happen to be plentiful, away from the battlefield. In the beginning, you need to recruit your heroes. You can do that either by using your persuasive skills or by acting upon a special recruit. Every hero has their skills and stories to tell. You can promote and equip them with artifacts along the game before getting to upgrade their skills.

Road Of Hero
Create your own Special Hero!

What makes Road Of Hero an idle RPG worth waiting for?

Road Of Hero is just like any other decent mobile RPG: there are login rewards, quests, dungeons, boss fights, items, a guild system as well as PvP battles where 24 players compete against each other.

Road Of Hero
Experience the amazing action of a 12 vs 12 PvP Battle!

However, the most fascinating thing about the idle RPG is the Block Skills mechanics. The system lets you chain your skills effectively for combos. For instance, you will deal 1 damage when tapping the Thunder Block once, tapping twice will result in 1 damage and a knockback, three taps add electrocution besides the previous effects. This gives the game the feeling of a puzzle RPG.

Give Road Of Hero a try for free on Google Play (don’t worry iOS users, it is coming soon to the App Store). Visit the Facebook official page here for more information on the game. But for now, have a look at this teaser video.