American Dad! Apocalypse Soon is an upcoming strategy game for mobile from developer B.V. that's set to come this fall. The gameplay bears a striking resemblance to Fallout Shelter, but the theme is based on the popular cartoon series American Dad!. Instead of searching for survivors to expand your shelter, however, you will clone Rodger to do your household activities and eventually build an army powerful enough to take back the world, which was invaded by Aliens.

American Dad
A Fallout Shelter-like game based on the American Dad! cartoon series

Apocalypse Soon is up for pre-registration on Google Play as of right now, and participants will probably receive some in-game rewards when it launches. Check out the trailer for it below:

Watching the trailer, you might notice that there’s a message in the corner stating that this is “not final gameplay” footage. Still, from the designs of the various rooms in the house and the blank spaces for you to construct more rooms, it’s not hard to make out a Fallout Shelter aesthetic here.

If you look at the game’s description on the Play Store, you will see that the alien invasion setting works pretty well with this familiar setup. Your job is to transform the household of the Smiths into your own operation base. To that end, you’ll have to produce resources, train and equip your crew, and of course, explore the world and fight against enemies. We can expect a combination of strategy and RPG gameplay here.

American Dad 3
Explore the world and fight enemies

At the moment, there's no information on the monetization model of American Dad! Apocalypse Soon, although it’s pretty clear that it will include ads and IAPs. Also, If you head on over to the game’s page on the App Store, you'll see that it is offered as a free title and that it is expected to launch on October 8th. While the launch date can be different between Android and iOS, this info gives us a relatively solid idea of when American Dad! Apocalypse Soon will arrive. Stay tuned for more update!