We normally don’t write about early access games very often on Gurugamer, but now that Fancade has arrived on Google Play, we feel like it deserves some special attention. It absolutely deserves it too, not only because of the idea, but also the execution.

But what is Fancade, you ask? Well, it’s a highly ambitious project from indie developer Martin Magni that’s both an ever-expanding collection of fun casual mobile games and a visual scripting platform that allows anybody to make and share their own video games – even if they have no knowledge in coding and game making whatsoever. Check out its (unofficial) trailer below:

The Quest mode of Fancade features a massive collection of casual games for you to unlock and enjoy, including many that were made by the community. Even better, that means new games are added on a daily basis. Meanwhile, if you want to make your own contribution, you have the complete freedom to do so using the app’s free built-in visual scripting platform.

At present, there are 25 game worlds to unlock, each offering up to 5 games. These games come in a wide variety as well, from driving, puzzles, platforming, and more. Combined, they make for one of the most diverse gameplay experience that we have seen from a mobile title.

A wide variety of games to enjoy

Fancade is available for free on Google Play right now, though of course that means there will sometimes be ads and timers that require you to wait a couple of hours to access the next world. If you are bothered by that, you can opt to subscribe for premium access, which comes at a measly price of $1 (Rs 70) a month.

Fancade Game Of The Week Hero
A beta version of the app is available for free on Google Play right now

Do note, though, that this version is only a beta. The press kit of Fancade says that it’s been under development since 2017 and should get an official launch sometime this year.  No official date has been confirmed just yet, though it shouldn’t be too far away. Stay tuned for more updates!