Bound by Blades is an upcoming action RPG for mobile that draws inspiration from Monster Hunter. At the moment, developer Zeth is running a Kickstarter campaign to gather fund for the project. The campaign will last until the end of October, at which point the studio hopes to have raised $30,000. Check out its trailer below:

In Bound by Blades, you’ll have the option to play as one of 3 protagonists, each offering unique traits. Your goal, as is typical for a fantasy ARPG, is to fend off the armies of evil that are threatening the land of Ashmyr. As you defeat these beasts, you'll obtain resources that can then be spent to create new gear.

Bound By Blades
Craft new gear to improve your character's power

Battles have a pretty unique setup here: The enemy will be positioned in the middle of your screen and you must control your character to jump between the 4 corners to avoid their incoming blows. Attacks, meanwhile, are performed by tapping or holding down your finger on the screen, and they can be strung together to create powerful combos.

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The enemy is positioned at the center, and you'll move between 4 corners to dodge their attacks and strike at the opportune moment

So you’ll have to find a balance between dodging and attacking at the opportune moments. Attack patterns of bosses will become more complex later on in the game as well, so expect things to get very hectic as you progress deeper. Some bosses can even summon mobs that will occupy the corners preventing you from using them, you'll have to constantly adapt and mix up your strategies.

The art style is lovely too, with a cutesy aesthetic reminiscent of the fairytales of old. The entire thing has a very wholesome vibe to it, so if you are interested to know more about Bound by Blades, be sure to look it up on Kickstarter. Moreover, a demo version is already available on the Kickstarter page, so you can try out the game to see what it’s all about right now!