The anime-themed fighting game Skullgirls Mobile is set to receive a huge update this week, which will introduce synchronous multiplayer as well as several new ways to play. Check out the game's trailer below:

Since its original launch in 2017, Skullgirls Mobile has received plenty of new content including more playable characters, additional game modes, and regular tweaks. However, it still suffers from the same issue as many other fighting games on mobile: There is no functional netcode for PvP.  That’ll change this week, though, when the upcoming update goes live.

A balanced fighting game is not something you see too often on the mobile platform, and it is even rarer to see one that features PvP. As a result, you can imagine our excitement right now. Even better, this upcoming update – labeled update 4.0 – doesn’t simply add a plain arcade mode. There is a Competitive Mode, which strips back abilities to deliver a balanced multiplayer experience. Then there’s Free-for-all, which allows you to actually use the abilities of the characters as long as you can meet certain requirements. If you like to have friends playing with you, there’s also the option to create a private room to play together, saving you the hassle of joining the matchmaking queue.

Skullgirls Mobile
You'll soon be able to challenge other players in PvP battles!

By the look of things, the Free-for-all mode is probably the thing worth keeping an eye out for most. According to the developer, this mode will match you up with other players based on your Fighter Score, and you’ll be able to pick any character you have in your collection to play as. They all come with their Signature and Marquee abilities as well.

Skulllgirls Mobile Colleciton
The Free-for-all mode will allow you to play as any character you've unlocked

Skullgirls Mobile is available for download on both Google Play and the App Store right now. Meanwhile, the update set to arrive within this week.