Final Blade, an RPG masterpiece on the mobile platform, has been popular since its release in Taiwan and South Korea in 2017. The game then began to spread to some selected countries like Malaysia in December 2018. Now, pre-registration for this game is now available for anyone, with many exclusive rewards await at launch.

A teaser for the Korean release of Final Blade

For new bikers, Final Blade features more than 200 characters with special designs and gorgeous graphics. The game takes players back to a fantasy world in an oriental setting. The story revolves around a legend about a mighty sword and wars between 2 nations. Players can expect tons of wonderful loot, unlockable skills aplenty, and a leveling system allowing them to tweak and improve their characters in some massively rewarding ways. The combat is fast-paced and challenging, with the special bosses being a real highlight.

Final Blade Pre Register Global Image 4
Final Blade pre-registration is open now

Final Blade also offers compelling elements of the classic RPG genre, which includes equipping gears, level system, and evolving characters. There are multiple special modes for players like Daily Dungeons, Endless Tower, Raid Boss, and Adventure. More amazing aspects are Clan Wars and Arena which pit players against each other as either an individual or a team. It helps the game be quite the looker, with characters all being memorable visually and some excellent environmental effects and designs.

Final Blade Pre Register Global Image 3 1024x576
Final Blade is a grand-scale RPG

Pre-registered players will get a lot of in-game items and a sweet bundle of gold. Especially, they also will get a special 5 Star Hero Selector on the official website! In addition, various rewards from Like & Share mission will be given on the game’s Facebook page, which worth over US$120 (Rs 8500)!

More information about the game's launch will be updated on its official Facebook page. Meanwhile, those who are interested can pre-register here.