While CES 2019 is attracting all technology lovers to the United States, Square Enix has announced that Final Fantasy Digital Card Game will be played on smartphones and PC in Japan, before that Hearthstone and Shadowverse-style game producer has released Dragon Quest Rivals.

Square Enix has announced a new Final Fantasy spin-off – the Final Fantasy Digital Card Game is currently only set for a Japanese

Final Fantasy Digital Card Game is a free game and has in-game microtransactions through Yahoo! Japan Game Plus platform in 2019. From January 18 to 25, 2019, a closed beta test will take place, in which only 10,000 people are accepted to participate in the game.

Perhaps, knowing a little Japanese will help you when you try to play or play games

Yahoo! Japan is the server for this game, and it now allows people to register for a closed beta test until January 15th. If you are interested in being the first to experience this game, you should quickly register here. Knowing a little Japanese can help you complete this registration process a bit easier.

Final Fantasy Digital Card Game is an online game, players will compete through turn-based card games. Players have to build up a hand of Final Fantasy characters, monsters, and summons, placing them on a grid while trying to predict where the opposing player is going to move. You should try to get the best hand in a limited time. Characters appear as pixels including familiar characters in the classic Final Fantasy series. Players must try to develop their characters through the use of their original decks of the wisest.

Final Fantasy Digital Card Game is currently only released for Japan, Square Enix has yet to speak out about developing this game in other countries. You can refer to the game's main website here