A3: Still Alive is a new mobile game based on the classic MMORPG A3. Developer Netmarble first announced the game in October 2018 and has recently revealed that it will have a 30-player battle-royale mode. Check out a demo gameplay of this new mode below:

This mode features a total of 30 players in a massive map, and like any other battle royale games out there, the last man (or woman) standing wins the entire match. The demo shown above only includes solo mode, and it is unclear whether there will be a mode where players can team up with each other.  The characters are separated into a few different classes, each with its own unique skills. You can learn these skills while your character levels up, and there are maximum 4 skills that you can active by tapping on the on-screen buttons on the right side of the phone screen.

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A3: Still Alive adds a bit of a MOBA-RPG element that requires you to kill monsters or other players to level up. Defeated players and monsters can also drop equipment or items, and there are potions that can refill your health bar.

From the gameplay video above, you can see that there is a mini-map at the top left of the screen that indicates your position. There are also areas that you can unlock to enter. Another interesting thing in this battle royale mode is a special type of tower that heals the player who unlocks it when he/she is in range.

A3: Still Alive Trailer

The thing that sets A3: Still Alive apart from other battle royale games is that it uses the top-down view instead of the traditional over-the-shoulder perspective, and the player’s vision is limited to a small area immediately around the character.  However, there are certain ways to widen the visible area, such as using certain skills or unlocking healing towers. Note that the character can only unleash auto-attacks In the direction he or she is facing.

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Even if you are defeated early, you can still spectate other players until the match ends. After completing a match, you will get some ranking points and certain rewards.

Right now, there is no specific release date for A3: Still Alive, but the developer reportedly plans to bring the game to the global audience after its initial launch in Korea. Stay tuned for more updates!