In the ChinaJoy 2019 event, it seems that the famous manga and anime series from Rumiko Takahashi - Inuyasha - is getting a new Action RPG game for the Chinese market. The game's playable demo was shown in a booth during the event, and we have some footage of this game from the demo.

The booth of the game from the ChinaJoy event

The game's title can be translated as Inuyasha: Battle of Hell, and it seems that the game will follow the storyline of the original manga.

The game's title roughly translated as Inuyasha: Battle of Hell

Like many other mobile games, the game will feature virtual buttons on the screen to control the characters. The virtual pad for movement is set on the bottom-left corner of the screens, while the button on the right corner is for attacks, skill, and evasion.

003 Thumb
The control buttons of the game

While being a 3D Action RPG game, Inuyasha: Battle of Hell still features the stage-based progression that was familiar with many other mobile games. The reason for this design is to reduce loading time for the game by splitting it into stages. The demo shown featured a bunch of playable characters from the manga, including Inuyasha, Kagome, Sesshomaru, etc. The stages of the game will follow the story of the original manga, so fans of the series will find many familiar moments in this new game.

The game was fully voiced in Japanese, with Chinese subtitles displayed.

Also, the demo shown at this event was fully voiced in Japanese, along with Chinese subtitles.

005 1
The game features many familiar characters from the Inuyasha franchise.

You can see the game's demo in action on the video below:

Inuyasha: Battle of Hell Demo gameplay.

According to the developers, the game will be released in China later this year for both Android and iOS. Meanwhile, the localized version of the game for Japanese and Western market still being undecided.