A new galaxy is coming to the Star Trek universe…

Last Friday, Scopley and CBS Interactive announced that a new game based on the Star Trek universe will soon arrive on November 29th, titled “Star Trek Fleet Command”. This will be a multi-player, free-roaming mobile game, available for both iOS and Android. The story of “Star Trek Fleet Command” is set in the Kelvin timeline from the reboot Star Trek cinematic universe, introduced by 2009’s Star Trek movie, 2013’s Star Trek: Into Darkness and 2016’s Star Trek: Beyond

Star Trek Fleet Command Showdown Reveal Trailer

…where absolute freedom will be given to players.

Players will have the power to decide their fate as they choose which missions to do from hundreds of available options, as well as their ways of interaction with other inhabitants of the deep space. Several famous characters from the Star Trek universe will appear in the game, giving fans the chance to ally with their dream teammates, such as Captain Kirk, Uhura or Spock. Factions like the Federation, Romulans or Klingons will also play important roles in your galactic battles. Each faction was designed with a unique set of officers, ships, technologies, so players can utilize them as their own strategic assets. The ability to personalize your battle in Star Trek Fleet Command is described “as limitless as the universe”.

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Flexibility is an important feature of Star Trek Fleet Command

 “Star Trek Fleet Command” promises to bring you a whole new adventure

According to the developers’ introduction, the new game will be a perfect combination of RPG-style progression and real-time combat. Tim O’Brien, chief revenue officer at Scopely, believes that Scopely and CBS Interactive have successfully designed an “expansive, dynamic and super social Star Trek experience for both strategy and role-play gaming fans.”

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Various character, full options of ships, technologies, team - building are available in Star Trek Fleet Command

With its rich experience in producing IP-tied games, such as “WWE Champions”, “Yahtzee With Buddies”, “The Walking Dead: Road to Survival”, or  “Wheel of Fortune: Free Play”, Scopely stated that their new product will “expand the franchise [Stark Trek] in a bold new way.”

Agree with Scopely, Rob Gelick, general manager and executive vice president of CBS Entertainment Digital, CBS Interactive, said that CBS always tries to bring Star Trek lovers “more robust, interactive Star Trek experiences”  and praised Star Trek Fleet Command as “a unique new Star Trek game”.

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The game is now available for pre-registration on Google Play

From now, fans can already pre-register Star Trek Fleet Command on Google Play. The game will be launched globally on November 29th on App Store and Google Play for free download.