Whenever battle royale games on mobile are mentioned, PUBG Mobile and Fortnite are probably the first two titles that come to people’s mind. PUBG Mobile is undoubtedly one of the most popular mobile games in the world right now. In March this year, the game had an average of more than 10 million daily active users, and as of September, this number had increased to 20 million. Fortnite, while quite late to the mobile gaming party, is no slouch either. The game recently came to Android with the debut of Samsung’s flagship Galaxy Note9, and later became available for other phones as well. Now, we will be taking a look at the 5 major differences between these two rivals and see what makes each of them unique.

The maps of each game

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PUBG has more maps to choose from

While PUBG Mobile has three maps for players to choose from, Fortnite has only one. However, that is not to say the latter is repetitive, since it gets new changes every now and then. Fortnite’s developer Epic Games regularly adds new locations to its map. This means players have to change their tactics with every update based on the terrain, thus keeping the game fresh and exciting. Furthermore, there are rumors that the upcoming Season 7 of Fortnite will also introduce snowy weather to the map.

Meanwhile PUBG Mobile has three maps, with Erangel being the biggest and Miramar and Sanhok are medium and small sized respectively. The latter two, especially Sanhok, are for those who like to engage in more intense fights. Another feature that sets PUBG Mobile apart from Fortnite is a dynamic weather mechanic on the Sanhok map, which randomly cycles between sunny, rainy and foggy. Additionally, with a recent update, the game also added a day/night cycle to the Erangel map as well.

Generally speaking, maps in PUBG Mobile are bigger, meaning it is harder for players to get to the safe zone if they are too far away from it. On the other hand, it is relatively easier to get around in Fortnite.

Player abilities and interactive environment

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Fortnite allows players to construct their own buildings

One of the most defining features of Fortnite is that it allows the construction of things. This means that during the game, players can pick up various materials on the map and build different structures to protect them from enemies’ attacks. Also, all constructions in the game can be destroyed.

There is no such thing in PUBG Mobile. Players have to entirely rely on the pre-set environment for cover. This makes skirmishes in PUBG Mobile more intense because players cannot always rely on backups everywhere they go. Moreover, matches in PUBG Mobile tend to be slower towards the end, because players usually prefer to hide somewhere safe instead of running around.

Gun mechanics

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PUBG guns are more realistic

PUBG Mobile is certainly the winner in this aspect thanks to its more realistic gun mechanics. Each gun has different recoil, and you can further adjust it with various attachments. In Fortnite, the physics don’t kick in that hard, and recoil is significantly lower. PUBG Mobile features a larger arsenal of guns as well, although Fortnite also offers a decent amount of loadout for players to choose from.


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The visual styles of the two games are completely different

The graphics of the two games are hard to compare since their styles are completely different. However, it seems that Tencent has made PUBG Mobile to be more flexible. The game will auto select a graphical setting most suitable for the phone you are playing it on, and the setting menu offers a decent amount of options to adjust the visuals as well. Furthermore, the game is less hardware demanding. It can run smoothly on average phones with 2GB RAM and Android 5.1.1 Lollipop. Meanwhile, Fortnite is available on some phones only, and it also has relatively high minimum requirements: Android 8 Oreo or higher and at least 3GB RAM.

Additionally, PUBG Mobile employs a realistic visual style, with blood splatter from the characters upon being shot, whereas Fortnite is more cartoony and colorful. Of course, which one is better ultimately depends on each person’s preference.


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Fortnite fully supports cross-platform

PUBG is currently available on PC, Xbox One, and mobile, and a version for the PS4 will be coming this December. However, it is not supporting cross-platform yet, and the developers have not shown any intention of implementing this feature. Players of Fortnite have a significant advantage in this aspect since all can join a match together no matter what platform they play on.