Since its release in June 2018, Football, Tactics & Glory from developer Creoteam has become quite popular on Steam thanks to its innovative and interesting approach to football games. While the mobile platform already has a couple of excellent Football Manager titles, another addition is always welcomed. Now, Australian publisher Toplitz Productions and game developer Raylight Games have just announced that they are teaming up to bring Football, Tactics & Glory to consoles, with a mobile port also being hinted as well. If you have not heard about this game, check out its trailer below:

Football, Tactics & Glory is described as “a real innovation” and “deeply addictive”. It aims to bring the football management genre to a wider audience, not just hardcore enthusiasts. All the ‘boring” aspects such as routines, micromanagement, and endless tables or numbers are removed, and what’s left is an engrossing experience that will have you hooked for hours on end. Another interesting feature is that unlike most football games on the market, the matches in Football, Tactics & Glory are turn-based instead of real time. The game also has a full campaign with a detailed skill and class system, as well as an online mode.

It is worth noting that there was no explicit mention of a mobile port anywhere. In fact, when asked if they had any plan to bring Football, Tactics & Glory to mobile in a post on Steam forum back in May 2018, the developers said that they didn’t, as it seemed unlikely that people would be willing to pay such a large amount of money for a mobile game (The game currently costs $19.99, which is roughly equal to Rs 1410, on Steam). They didn’t want to make the game free to play either, since that means they would have to “screw the balance” if they wanted to make money.

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However, the same question came up again on Twitter a couple of months later, and this time the response from the developers was “The odds are high”.  It seems like they had a change of heart. With that being the case, we have perfect reasons to expect that a mobile port of this engaging title will be coming at some point in the future.

Right now, though, the console versions are expected to launch in the third quarter of 2019. If you cannot wait until then, you can get it on Steam for your PC right now. A free demo is also available if you want to have a taste before deciding whether to spend money on this game or not.

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