Gamers of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) might not notice a small change in the game: the sound of footsteps sound is a little bit louder. As irrelevant as it sounds, this modification might have a far greater impact than what one would expect

This change was first noticed by WackyJacky, a PUBG YouTuber. He noticed that the sound has been different since the paunch of Vikendi Map, then made a video to testify this doubt. He later posted a thread using his Reddit account in the subreddit r/PUBATTLEGROUNDS.

What WackyJacky did in his video is a kind of experience testing all the movement of PUBG character with different speeds to see from how far away can the sound be heard: stand run, crouch run, prone crawl, slow prone crawl, etc. Another player would listen to his movement and record the audible range. Being barefoot, according to him, does not help since it creates the same amount of noise as moving with shoes.

Players who want to detect footsteps from a far distance used to have to use additional programs to enhance it. Perhaps they would be happy with this change

The result is, in this updated version, the distance at which one player can hear the movement of another increased up to 60 meters. Players are now noisier and easier to get noticed by their opponents.

WackyJacky also pointed out that different ways to move get different sound changes. Compare the movements now and in March 2018, he saw that sprints and standing runs create significantly more noise. The noise ranges rose up to 56 meters from about 40 meters of the original version.

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No matter which ground you are moving in, no matter if you are wearing shoes or not, the footsteps are more audible

The reason behind this modification of PUBG’s developers remains unknown, and we cannot even sure if it was their intention to implement this. One thing is clear, though: the game will be tougher for the sneaky players. Their stealth-based strategies will become less possible.

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Everyone wonders what the reason behind this change is

So if you are wondering why other players are easier to detect your location, this change might be the answer. No explanation has been made from the developers so far, so players will have to adapt to this, whether they love it or not.