Gamers across the world must at least once play Fortnite - the hot battle royale game that allows them to join in a surviving battle on a deserted island. Their main missions include killing enemies and finding weapons and resources.

However, an unstable internet connection sometimes makes you crazy and unable to enjoy this game. It’s time you should install and try some similar offline games on your smartphone, instead of Fortnite. Here are three suggestions for you!

Conan Exiles

With Conan Exiles, gamers will experience an open-world survival game in the harsh lands of Conan the Barbarian. It’s great to play this game in both an online multiplayer mode and offline solo player mode.

Conan Exiles Survival
Conan Exiles.

Accordingly, you are rescued by Conan and realize you are now in the Exiled Lands in which criminals are crucified and waiting for death. Your most important mission at present is collecting resources, hunting for food, crafting armor and weapons, and taking down NPCs that plots to kill you.

Conan Exiles

The Forest

The next offline game like Fortnite is The Forest - the survival game that turns you into a celebrity who accidentally appears on an island after a plane crash. However, a local cannibalistic islander kidnapped your son and you need to save him as soon as possible.

The Forest
The Forest.

The Forest has a lot in common with Fortnite. For example, your missions. You need to hunt for resources, hide, kill, and scavenge. Don’t forget to build the base and explore the complicated cave system underneath the scary island.


In the Fallout, gamers will have to try their best to survive in the Wasteland - the fearful post-apocalyptic world that was destroyed by nuclear war. Too many enemies appear around you. They include raiders, monsters, mutants, and even roguish humans. Collecting resources must be important but remember to keep yourself safe first.

Fallout like Fortnite

Fallout gets high appreciation due to its interesting story. Especially, many gamers believe that Fallout's gameplay and gunplay are similar to Fortnite.

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