One of the best and most unique features of Fortnite is that it fully supports cross-platform plays, and now, the long-awaited account merging mechanic is finally here. With this, you will be able to use just one single account, alongside all its cosmetics and V-Bucks, to play across multiple consoles. To use this, you first choose a Primary Account, that is, the account you want to continue using. Then, you choose a Secondary Account to merge with it. Doing so will instantly link the Secondary Account to the Primary one and transfer all the V-Bucks and in-game cosmetic items over. The Secondary Account is then disabled.

Fornite Merge Accounts

The most important thing to note here is that, after merging, it will take a couple of weeks for the Secondary Account’s inventory to arrive on the Primary Account. Furthermore, if you want to use this feature, you will need to have access to all the email addresses associated with the accounts you want to merge. Also, the accounts must have been played before September 28, 2018.

Players of the Battle Royale mode can merge all of their in-game cosmetic items. Meanwhile, Save the World players can merge their Llamas, Heroes, Defenders, Survivors, XP, Schematics, Evolution, and Perk Materials.

For the full details and conditions, you can check out the official note from Fortnite developer Epic Games here.

Fornite Account Merge

This account merging feature was originally announced at the end of September last year, when Sony at last caved and permitted cross-platform play on its PlayStation 4 console. Earlier, during the summer of 2018, Fortnite launched on Nintendo Switch, but then players found out that they would not be able to log in to their accounts here if they had already played on PS4. This resulted in a backlash that eventually led to Sony reversing its opposition to the idea of cross-platform play.

However, last November, Epic Games announced that account merging would be delayed to this year due to technical difficulties. Players apparently don’t mind, though. After all, everyone would rather have a late but completed and system than risk losing items or currency because of a buggy, prematurely-released one.