Many Fortnite fans have long asked for Fortnite Mobile to be available on Android. Now, their dream has finally come true.

On October 11, Fortnite developer Epic Games made an announcement that all Android users can now download and play Fortnite Mobile on their device. The game has actually come to Android before. However, back then only those who owned a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 or a device of the recent Samsung Galaxy could have access to that Android version. Now, that has changed.

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The game is not available for download through Google Play Store however. If you want to download it, you need to go directly to Epic Games’s official Fortnite Website. The reason behind this, as Epic Games’s CEO Tim Sweeney said in an interview in August, is because the company wants to establish an immediate relationship with consumers across all platforms if possible. He said that this is now achievable thanks to the Internet. Now, “physical storefronts and middlemen distributors are no longer required.” Sweeney also said that Epic Games would have done the same with the App Store of Apple if they had the choice. Unfortunately, that wasn’t possible, so the iOS version of Fortnite Mobile is still on App Store.

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Similar to its iOS counterpart, this android version of Fortnite contains everything from the PC and console versions. All the weapons, maps and mechanics will be there.

In order to play Fortnite Mobile smoothly on Android devices, we recommend that you run it on an Android 8.0 operation system or a later version. A minimum of 3GB RAM is advisable as well. For GPU, you should have something at least as strong as an Adreno 530. The game will take up 2GB of your storage memory. Make sure you have enough space before you start downloading.

The coming of Fortnite Mobile to Android is greatly welcomed by fans.  With it, Fortnite will have the opportunity to expand and reach more players. This will make the game more competitive against its rival, PUBG.