As Epic Games has announced previously, it has released Season 7 for the famous battle royale game Fortnite. This Season comes with a new patch, v7.00, which has lots of features and improvements.

Gameplay updates

This new v7.00 patch gives us the Creative Mode which was recently revealed.  With the new mode, you will get to imagine, battle and build like never before on your island. You will also have access to a Creative Hub which provides access to your own island, on which you could let your imagination go wild. Your friends could also join you to explore your island. This mode will also give you a ton of prefabs and new devices so that you could create your island with ease. This new Creative Mode is set to release on December 13, but you could get early access to it by buying the new Battle Pass now!

v7.00 patch also brings a lot of fresh content, like the X-4 Stormwing plane with which you could rule the skies, new areas such as Frosty Flights, Polar Peak for you to explore. Moreover, it also gives us customizable vehicles and weapons with Wraps.

Fortnite V7 00 Patch Brings 60fps Gameplay To Ipad
X-4 Stormwing plane

Fortnite V7 00 Patch Brings 60fps Gameplay To Ipad

All the missions and systems in "Save the World" also come along with this patch, you will be exploring Canny Valley Act 3  to complete new quests, unlock a Mythic reward, and delve into new areas.

Fortnite V7 00 Patch Brings 60fps Gameplay To Ipad

Canny Valley Act 3

Technical updates

The new patch also comes with performance enhancements for various mobile devices, such as a 60FPS gameplay option for 2018 iPad Pro,  4x MSAA Anti-Aliasing coming back on iOS devices, support for Galaxy A9, enhanced performance for all Note 9 devices.

Additionally, Epic Games also lowered the minimum Mac version required to be able to run Fortnite to version 10.13.6. On Xbox One, they reduced the building streaming issues along with improving the loading time.

The game is available worldwide on Android and iOS devices, and of course also on consoles and PC.