Since Fornite’s first release on  25th July 2017, it has drawn much attention from gamers due to its interesting game plot and gaming styles. However, only when the free-to-play battle royale mode is launched on in September 2017, Fornite has become a bright star in a battle royal game that can be compared to PUBG, the most famous battle royal game at the moment. Fornite is now available on both home gaming consoles and PC and now it can also be played on Android and IOS.

Fornite's revenue has surpassed others very popular game like Candy crush and Clash Royale.

Fortnite surprises people because of its cost for customers that helps its revenue higher than costly games like Clash Royale, Honor of Kings and Knives Out. This statistic doesn’t include China because IOS is not available here.

It is estimated that players from all around the world have spent an average of $ 1.5 million a day on the Fortnite version of iOS since its launch, and about $ 2.5 million a day after Season 6 opened on September 27 as Sensor Tower reported.

Although is a free-to-play game, Fornite's revenue is still higher than other paid games

Besides can be played for free, the success of Fortnite also comes from its ability to adapt almost platforms like PC, Mac, iOS, Android (beta), PS4, Xbox One, and Switch. In addition, eye-catching color and fun gameplay with many new modes which are updated continuously seasonally are suitable for all ages.

The United States is the country who has the biggest contribution to Fortnite’s revenue with 65%, followed by the United Kingdom, Australia, Switzerland, and Canada. Although first introduced in Android on 9th August, Fortnite has earned 60 million dollars for Epic Game. It's very impressive for a beta version.

Fortnite is on the way to take the title “most-popular battle royale game” from PUBG and becomes Epic Games’ earnings machine.