In Garena Free Fire, you are often required to do a lot of looting get the best equipment, to have as much chance as possible towards a Booyah.

And usually, there is one type of weapon that is widely used by Free Fire players, which is the Shotgun. Weapons that are able to fire off a lot of bullets in one shot like this weapon is very often carried when playing.

If you are one of those players who are not used to the shotgun or still haven't figured out why the Shotgun is a weapon that you must carry, let us talk about the main reasons you need one of these bad boys with you at all times:

Shotguns in Free Fire Finish off the Enemies Quickly

It is undeniable that the standard Shotgun is capable of firing many bullets, or rather pellets, at once and just one pull of the trigger makes this weapon a mainstay when you need to finish off enemies quickly, especially at close range.

M1014 VS SPAS12 Free Fire Shotguns Tips For Carrying It Around

Of course, if you bring a Shotgun with you, your Survivor will perform kills much quicker when needed. When playing in squad mode, the shotgun is a necessary component in a battle between squads.

It's Not Burdensome on Your Backpack

When playing and carrying a Shotgun, you most likely already know that this weapon does not require a lot of bullets to be carried because of the one-shot capabilities as described in the previous point.

Automatically, by not needing to carry as many bullets as other weapons, having a Shotgun with you will allow your backpack to leave more room for other things and can be filled with a variety of more useful items.

Shotguns are Easier to Find

One of the last reasons why the Shotgun is a favorite weapon and is carried a lot is because the weapon is easier to find than most. And since the shotgun is found more often compared to others, so do more players carry it around if they can't find anything else they like.

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