Cheating behavior and players who cheat often are problems that can't ever seem to be dislodged from highly popular online competitive games, and Free Fire is definitely that kind of title. And while Garena works hard to deal with that problem, there are many questions about how banning happens.

We all know that banning is the punishment for cheaters and those who break other rules. But to understand how Garena decides to crack down on rule-breaking behavior, let's look at 5 things you should know about that get people most confused:

Types of Violations That Lead to Banning

In Free Fire, there are 2 main types of violations that would lead to the violators being banned. Later, these 2 main violations would expand to smaller types of violations that can also lead to banning.

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Here are the 2 main violations in Free Fire that would almost always lead to a ban:

  • Utilizing unofficial third-party applications
  • Modifying the game (via cheats, GFX Tools, scripts, skin or map mods, etc.)

Cheaters Receive a Permanent Ban and Cannot Come Back to Free Fire

This is what everyone needs to know because it is not uncommon for these questions to be asked. Anyone who is banned for cheating would be penalized forever and the affected account banned for this can't ever be recovered.

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This means that all skins, characters, or even Diamonds on a permanently banned Free Fire account would never be allowed to come back or even be allowed to request an unban.

A Banned Account Has Clear Evidence of Fraud

Continuing from the previous point, many players have wondered or asked questions about how their Free Fire accounts can possibly be banned because they feel they have done nothing wrong.

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But if you get banned, try to remember the mistakes or cheating that you did. This is because Garena always has strong evidence behind the reason for banning an account.

Exploiting Bugs Repeatedly Can Lead to Banning, Too

Not many players realize, but taking advantage of too many bugs in Free Fire will also get you banned. And this is something quite reasonable in a competitive game like Free Fire.

By repeatedly exploiting bugs, you are engaging in behavior no different from cheating. But exploiting bugs here and there is not a problem because the thing to remember here is that only players who over-exploit bugs get banned.

Playing with a Cheater Randomly in a Squad Will Not Lead to a Ban

For Free Fire Players who like to play in a random squad, it makes sense to sometimes worry if one day they end up in a squad with cheaters because when playing in squad mode, those who play with cheaters will also be banned.

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But in this case, you can calm down. Garena has the ability to distinguish whether the squad has been created at random or has been formed from the beginning. If you end up in squad of cheaters randomly, you will not get banned as long as you play clean and not cheat like the rest of them.

Meanwhile, for those of you who want to know more about other issues around cheating and banning in Free Fire, you can visit the following page to find out more.

By knowing the most important things about cheating that get many players confused, you will now understand the main issues and steer clear from all sorts of violations! For more gaming news, updates, and articles, check out our website at