Since its official release, Free Fire has rolled out numerous patches with many new game features in each version, and the number of features increases through time. There's a lot of stuff that can change or even smooth the gameplay of Free Fire, but the developers meanwhile don't seem to notice them soon.

Because of those promising benefits, demands for these features from Free Fire fans have significantly risen, but they still aren’t seen anywhere in the game. Check out this list of 8 updates that are most requested by Free Fire players below.

Sharing custom HUDs

The first update that Free Fire players would like the game to add is being able to share their Custom HUDs instead of taking screenshots or having to use other sharing methods. This feature is likely to be located somewhere near the Upload and Download Custom HUD option in the Settings menu. With this, players can share images or button settings that help adjust the button sizes so that they fit certain devices.

Custom Hud Settings

Fully customizable HUD

In the current version, players cannot move some buttons on the HUD, therefore many of them find it strange as it isn’t like any other battle royale game. Enabling a fully customizable HUD will give players more freedom to set up their own HUD layout in their own style.

Fully Customizable Hud

Saving costumes

The OB24 update already came with the fast costume equip button that helps you put on a costume for your character instantly instead of spending time scrolling to find what you need. But there’s something missing. Besides putting on costumes faster than usual, players also want to save them as well, so they wonder when that feature will take place.

Free Fire Costumes

Saving costumes seems to be impossible at the moment, and the only way to do that is to equip the costume on another character before copying it to the current character. This feature will be the most convenient if it lies next to the quick-equip button in the vault for players to easily save their character’s costumes.

More frequent custom game modes

Custom game modes are often where players release their stress after playing intense matches. Some don’t seem to attract many players, but the fact that they are really fun to play is obvious. The more often those game modes appear, the more fun Free Fire players will have.

Free Fire Game Modes

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