In this article, we'll be moving on to the next four long-awaited updates in Free Fire. Don't hesitate to take a glance at the others right here.

Changing servers easily 

Since the game system automatically sets servers for players based on the regions they’re in, it has always been hard for them to switch to other servers. Improving the server changing feature will save a lot of time and effort for players, as well as give them a chance to get access to the server they want to be in. 

Free Fire Servers

Better level-up rewards 

Until now, the level up system and its rewards don’t seem to be useful, and it soon needs some changes due to the game’s huge fan base and their increasing demands. Each time a player levels up, the reward chest only offers a 3-7 item or just sometimes an uncommon or rare voucher. 

Free Fire Level Up Rewards

Therefore, the developers definitely should take a look at the level up system and maybe consider enhancing the level of rewards when it comes to higher levels.

Better daily rewards 

Another reward system that needs renewal is the daily rewards. Players log in day by day only to receive items that often have little to no effects on the gameplay. Thus, the best possible way to solve this is to offer higher-level rewards for loyal players and high-level players or change those regular items into event-themed ones. 

Daily Rewards

More maps 

Finally, a variety of maps to play is one the most expected feature to be added in the game with a majority of Free Fire fans. Free Fire currently has 3 maps, which is less than other popular battle royale games such as PUBG Mobile, COD Mobile, and Fortnite Mobile, which can lead to boredom as players have to play on maps that are already fully explored. Even in events, there are no new maps taking place. Garena should really consider creating more maps for their fans in order to boost the spirit of those who begin to lose interest in the old maps. 

Free Fire New Maps