As Garena Free Fire is growing strong in 2021 as well, it also becomes a fertile ground for hackers and cheaters to thrive. Cheating is now one of the prime concerns for the devs, as it compromises both the gaming experience as well as the game's reputation.

Free Fire Anti Hacks
The latest ban notice reports over 1.3 million Free Fire players banned for cheating

To counter this, Garena has employed a new anti-cheat system that detects and bans players from using third-party software. And to keep the progress transparent to players, Garena also publishes biweekly reports detailing the results of their campaign.

1,306,377 Free Fire Accounts Banned For Cheating In The Last Two Weeks

Yesterday, the ban report for the last two weeks came in. This time, we saw a total of 1,306,377 Free Fire accounts removed from the game in the last two weeks. Out of these accounts, 55% of them were detected with the help of legitimate players. They report the cheaters and help the progress speeds up much faster.

69,793 players were banned for intentionally teaming up with cheaters to exploit and gain an unfair advantage.

Free Fire Ban Notice Charts
Take a look at the latest ban notice for Garena Free Fire

Here's a breakdown of the percentage of the types of cheats used in the last two weeks:

  1. Auto Aim: 70.3%
  2. Teleport Hacks: 11.5%
  3. Through the Wall: 5.4%
  4. Antenna Hacks: 1.5%
  5. Unknown type: 11.3%

Do not team up or take advantage of cheaters in your squad to rank up. You can also be banned for doing so. ​