As the Free Fire Diwali Event Series is coming to the last part, Free Fire continues to roll out new events and offer players huge chances of winning exclusive prizes from the game. Today November 11th, Free Fire continues to create a stir among the gaming community for announcing a brand new event called Free Fire Balloon Burst Event with some mystery rewards. Keep scrolling down to see what you can get from this event and how to complete missions.

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Free Fire Baloon burst event is a great chance for every player to win exclusive skin but how to complete the event?

In the latest event of Free Fire, players will need to complete a series of missions to burst colorful balloons. Each balloon holds different prizes like bundles, weapon boxes, play cards or weapon cards. Here is the list of missions you need to complete to win prizes:

  • Login game
  • Play 3 classic or ranked games
  • Survive for 10 minute in 1 classic or ranked game
  • Get 5 kill in classic or ranked mode
  • Play 2 classic or ranked game with friends
  • Travel 5000M in a classic or ranked game

By completing each mission, you will be given a turn to burst a colorful balloon. Behind the balloons are impressive rewards. The most interesting part is that these rewards will be refreshed daily and after completing all the missions today, you can come back tomorrow for a new mission and win new rewards. Here are some of the rewards for the first day of the event.

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How To Complete Balloon Burst Event Free Fire Ball

Although the rewards list is refreshed after the next day, there will be two most valuable prizes which are the Beast-arm Thug and the Beast-arm Sidekick.

The Free Fire Balloon Burst event has been made available in-game starting from today November 11th and will last till Diwali day November 15ths. Winning special prizes has become easier than ever. There are a few more days left for you to take the chance to take up your phone and join the event right now!

Above is all you need to know about Free Fire event Baloon Burst. Visit our website for more interesting news about games and entertaiment!

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