Free Fire Beach Party is coming soon on June 14th, 2020 with a lot of sub-events and attractive rewards. Free Fire players often need diamonds for shopping in this game and they usually have to do the top-up. So, Garena Free Fire gives its players a chance to get exclusive rewards when recharging diamonds with Beach Party Top-up event. Here’re things you need to know about this event and its rewards.

Beach Party Top-Up Event In Free Fire

Free Fire players may need a lot of diamonds to join many exciting games during the Beach Party. It would better to get extra rewards when doing the diamond top-up. Thus, Garena introduced the Beach Party Top-up event with a lot of rewards. This event takes place from June 11th to 16th, 2020.

Free Fire Beach Party Top Up Event
Check Out Beach Party Top Up Event In Free Fire Event Center

If you top up 100 diamonds, you will get a special Wicked Coconut Backpack Skin. Or else, you will get a Watermelon Pan Skin when you recharge 500 diamonds. Moreover, the game will give you a Summer Darling Bundle when you top up 1000 diamonds. You won’t have to pay a diamond for these items. Meanwhile, you can use these diamonds to buy other bundles, characters, pets, or play spins, etc.

Summer Darling Bundle
Summer Darling Bundle

If you top up 1500 diamonds at once, you will get all these three rewards. To claim the rewards after doing top-up you go to the event center and select Beach Party Top Up section. Then, you can claim these permanent rewards.

There are many apps and websites that you can use to top up diamonds. Sometimes, you can get great discounts or double diamonds by using these apps, such as Games Kharido or Paytm. Players who top up diamonds during Beach Party Top Up event can claim these rewards for free.