Free Fire is known for hosting events very frequently to bring players new content and free rewards.

Free Fire has just introduced a new K.O. Night event, featuring Laura and Rafael, the 2 ex-lovers who broke up with each other after they realized that they work for 2 opposing forces. They are going to meet each other again in K.O. Night, the premier fighting tournament in Free Fire. The event will give the game a complete reskin with themed outfits, a themed lobby, and themed in-game elements.

In this article, GuruGamer will show you how to get the K.O Night Bundle from the event.

About K.O Night Event

K.O Night Event starts from April 17 until April 24. The event features 2 boxing bundles for male and female characters.

K O Night Plane And Airship
Free Fire K.O Night Event themed Plane and Airship
K O Night In Game
Free Fire  K.O Night Event themed in0game elements

Players will be able to claim a Motorbike skin, a Parachute skin, and gun crates for free. Players can claim these rewards by logging into the game from April 18.

Ko Night Free Fire
Free Fire K.O Night Event starts from April 17 until April 24.

Starting from April 17, the event will start releasing daily missions for players to complete and get Blue and Orange Belts. These missions are really simple. You can complete them naturally just by playing a few games in any modes.

K O Night Event Mission
From April 17, you can start doing missions to get Headbands.

Players can use these Belts to defeat the opponent in the event and get the K.O night bundle. The Orange Belts can deal the most damage to the opponent.

K O Night Event 1
Players can use these Headbands to defeat the opponent in the event.
K O Night Event 2
You will get the K.O Night bundle after defeating 7 opponents.

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