Being one of the biggest in-game events ever which is specially created for Indian players, Free Fire Diwali Event 2020 offers a vast range of exclusive rewards that players have chances to claim just by completing a mission. While the Light Up Bermuda event is taking everyone by storm for giving away free Magic Cube, skin guns and emotes, Free Fire Diwali Ludo event is also one of the most anticipated upcoming events as its Grand Reward is the exclusive Diwali Fearless Warrior Bundle. Apart from having a cool aesthetic design, there are also many interesting facts about the bundle and how to get it from the upcoming event that you will want to know.

Free Fire Fearless Warrior
The first look of the Free Fire Fearless Warrior, which is inspired by the outfit of Ajay Devegn in Tanhanji: The Unsung Warrior

Free Fire Diwali Fearless Warrior bundle

Having hundreds of different bundle designs in-game, however, it’s rare for Free Fire to release an Indian-inspired bundle like this one. Finding the design familiar? Yes, you got that right! The Free Fire Diwali Fearless Warrior bundle is none other than the in-game adaption of the unsung warrior outfit in the 2020 blockbuster Tanhanji: The Unsung Warrior.

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The in-game outfit is dedicated to the unsung warrior in the 2020 historical action movvie.

Imitating the traditional outfit of ancient Indian warriors, the bundle comes in basic shades like black, beige, and red. While the red headdress symbolizes the tribe where the warrior comes from, the black leather armor is introduced to be handcrafted and bulletproof. You can also spot out iconic traditional items like the harem pants and ethic shoes in the design which relive the spirit of the unsung warriors.

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Free Fire Diwali Ludo
A sneak peek of Free Fire Diwali Ludo event

Free Fire Diwali Ludo event

As mentioned above, the stunning bundle is the highest prize of the Free Fire Diwali Ludo event which will take place from November 6 to November 15. There will be 4 special spots on the ludo board corresponding to 4 different rewards including the Fearless Warrior Bundles, the Carrot-nator An94 Gunbox, the Robo Box, and the Weapon Royale Voucher. All you need to do is roll the dice and move the token. If your token stops at a special spot, you will receive the prize the spot represents.

There is only one more day for the Free Fire Diwali Ludo event to kick start. Are you ready to join the game and claim the Fearless Warrior bundle? Go ahead and good luck!

While waiting for the Free Fire Diwali Ludo event to kick start, don't forget to complete the mission in Free Fire Light Up Bermuda event to claim valuable gifts and especially the Magic Cube.

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