Being one of the most anticipated events in the last part of 2020, Free Fire Diwali Event 2020 is finally made available in the game starting from today, October 30th. There are a lot of chances to win exclusive prizes and especially the Magic Cube. Here is all you need to know about the event so you won’t miss any single rewards.

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You can get free gun skins, emotes and exclusive items from Free Fire Diwali Event 2020 starting from today October 30

Free Fire Diwali Event 2020 details

Also known as the festival of light, Diwali is one of the biggest holidays in India which is celebrated across the country and many other regions in the world. During the 5-day-event, people will decorate their homes and take part in festivals with a lot of lamps, candles, and lights. Since the start of Free Fire, the game has come up with special events that are specially designed for Indian players to celebrate the Diwali festival in a unique way.

In the Light Up Bermuda event, players will need to complete missions in order to collect. There are two types of missions: Standard missions and Diwali missions. To complete standard missions, players just need to complete some tasks like logging in, play CS ranked, get Booyah in a classic or ranked game, and play squad in a classic or ranked game to claim the Diyas. While you can gain 1 diya for each task, getting Booyah in a match can give you 3 diyas.

How To Complete Light Up Bermuda Event Free Fire D
List of standard missions in the Light Up Bermuda event

While logging in on a normal day will help you earn only 1 diya, you will get up to 3 diya just by logging in on Diwali day November 14th so don't forget to check the game on that day.

How To Complete Light Up Bermuda Event Free Fire D
The details of Diwali missions which will be available on November 14th

Free Fire Diwali Event 2020 Reward list

After completing all missions and collecting as many diyas as possible, players can use the diyas to redeem gifts from the Diwali store. There are 3 types of gifts including gun skins, emotes, and consumables. There are a lot of hot gun skins that you will find it’s hard to pick one among them. The list of gun skins goes with legendary skins like AK - flaming red, MP40 lighting strike, SCAR Water Elemental and M4A1 Scorching Sands.

How To Complete Light Up Bermuda Event Free Fire D
How items you have chances to obtain from the event

Meanwhile, the emote sections include unique and Indian-theme actions like Shake With Me, Moon Flip, and Party Dance. These festive emote are the best choices for the party season especially when Diwali is just around the corner.

Meanwhile, Free Fire is having a discount event with which luckly players can get a 99% discount when purchasing items. Find out more details about the event right here: Free Fire Diamond Genie: New Discount Event To Get Hot Items With Upto 99% OFF!

How to get Magic Cube in Free Fire Diwali Event 2020

According to the game developer, on Novermber 14, if players can reach the game milestones, they will be able to claim a Magic Cube for free. With the Magic Cube, players can have the chance to redeem special items from the Magic Cube stores.

Apart from the Light Up Bermuda event which is the main event of Free Fire Diwali 2020, players can also take part in other events like Diwali preparation, Diwali Ludo, Diwali Balloon Bust, and Special Modes Open and gain exclusive rewards from the game. The most significant reward seems to be the Assasin Bundle which is available in the Diwali Ludo event, which will take place from November 6 to November 15th. In addition to that, players can also win character cards level 8 by collecting the Chakri crack Token while playing in matches and redeem them to use characters for free within 7 days.

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The event timeline of Free Fire Diwali Event 2020

It can be seen that Free Fire Diwali Event 2020 is the second in-game event that is specially created for Indian players after the Be The Hero event in September. Apart from in-game events, Free Free also brings about a special video to celebrate the festival of light in India. Check out the trailer right here:

Above are the sneak peek about the Free Fire Diwali Event 2020 you need to know so you won't miss any single chance to get special rewards. Are you ready to take part in the biggest event in November? Happy Diwali and Booyah!!

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