Total Gaming and Sudip Sarkar already win the favor of many Indian youngsters as both of them have risen to fame by virtue of their amazing gameplay as well as natural-born skills in Free Fire matches. So, the question here is, which one is better? To find out the answer, we will look at the statistics of each player below. 

Free Fire Total Gaming Vs Sudip Sarkar
To find out the answer, we will look at the statistics of each player below.

Total Gaming 

Lifetime Stats

Total Gaming Lifetime Stats
Total Gaming's lifetime stats

Also being famous for his in-game alias Ajjubhai, Total Gaming has accomplished 9129 Squad games with 2382 victories, bringing him a win rate of 26.09%. He has also recorded 33503 kills at an astonishing K/D ratio of 4.97. 

Ranked Stats 

Total Gaming Ranked Stats
Total Gaming's ranked stats

Total Gaming has won 55 games out of the 722 Squad games during the current ranked season, in which 2241 kills were recorded, equaling a K/D ratio of 3.36. Total Gaming did not ignore two game modes solo and duo, but unfortunately, he did not own a victory yet. 

Sudip Sarkar 

Lifetime Stats

Sudip Sarkar Lifetime Stats
Sudip Sarkar's lifetime stats

Owning an astonishing K/D ratio of 5.43, as well as 104267 kills in the squad mode, Sudip Sarkar can make every opponent tremble when hearing his name. Consequently, his win rate is also very impressive, 30,56% in particular, with 8459 victories out of 27674 matches. 

Ranked Stats

Sudip Sarkar Ranked Stats
Sudip Sarkar's ranked stats

Among 700 squad matches of Sudip Sarkar, he has won 129 matches, which means this player owns a win rate of 18.42%. His K/D ratio of 4.76 is also considered an amazing achievement, which translates to 2718 kills in this mode. 

In terms of duo matches, he also partook wholeheartedly with the results of 6 victories, in which he killed 210 enemies at a K/D ratio of 3.44. But the fortunate does not give him a chance to win in solo games, The YouTuber has not had any win in this mode. 

Who is better?

In general, both Total Gaming, or Ajjubhai, and Sudip Sarkar possess amazing stats in Garena Free Fire. When it comes to lifetime stats, Sudip Sarkar is on top of the K/D ratio in the Squad Mode. Besides, he also owns a better win rate in the Solo Mode. 

Meanwhile, Ajjubhai has the leading win rate as well as the K/D ratio in the Duo Mode. In terms of the Solo Mode, he also boasts superior indicators. As per the record of the ongoing ranked season, the better K/D ratio and win rate in Squad Mode belong to Sudip Sarkar. 

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