The Couple System has been implemented in a lot of online games, especially MMORPG games. Free Fire is now going to have a Couple System for players as well in the OB26 update. Players who use this feature will get many exclusive rewards and bonuses in the game, including skins, badges, missions,...

Free Fire Couple
Free Fire is going to have a Couple system that will give couples in Free Fire exclusive rewards

Free Fire Dynamic Duo System

This feature will be available on February 4th with the OB26 update. In order to use this feature, players need to pay 100 Diamonds to send a request to another player. That player needs to accept within 8 hours or the request will be taken back. You can only make 1 request at a time.

Free Fire Dynamic Duo

When the other person accepts, both of you will become a couple with a relationship badge and many other exclusive rewards. There will be a relationship point system with rewards.

Free Fire Dynamic Duo 1

These points can be earned by playing together or gift each other presents. Players can get a total of 500 relationship points per week. On your anniversary day, you will get double the rewards.

Couples in Free Fire will get their own exclusive skins, rewards, and mission

All players in the match will be able to see your relationship badge and level, which might not be a very good thing as other players might jealous and focus on you.

Much like a real-life relationship, you can break up a relationship if both players agree to do so and it won't cost anything. You cannot send another relationship request within the first 48 hours after breaking up.

What do you think about this new feature in the next OB26update? Check out more about the OB26 update in Free Fire on Gurugamer.

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