Chrono is one of the latest characters in Free Fire. He was designed based on the famous soccer player CR7 in a collaboration. His skill, Time Turner, creates a force field that blocks 600 incoming damage from all directions while he can still shot other people from the inside.

Free Fire Operation Chrono And Cristiano Ronaldo D

Needless to say, Chrono has instantly become the hottest character in Free Fire, even more than Alok. It is really hard to go solo against an enemy with Chrono's ability and the only option is to run away. Of course, not everyone has the access to Chrono because he is quite expensive so it is very frustrating to go against him.

There have been a lot of complaints from players about how imbalanced Chrono is and Garena seems to notice it. They are currently collecting data to analyze the character and the character will be patched soon.

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How Chrono's ability should be nerfed?

Reduce shield HP

The Chrono's shield has 600 HP, which is 3 times the max HP of a player, making it impossible for one player to break it down. Reducing the HP of the shield will allow other players to have a chance to break it.

Reduce Shield duration

The shield lasts for 9 seconds which is way too long, enough time for Chrono to revive a teammate or heal up to full while being totally safe. By reducing the duration of the skill, Chrono players will need to make quick decisions or the shield will run out.

Not allowing the user to shoot through the shield

It is absolutely absurd to let Chrono shoot through the shield. This causes a one-way fight situation and the other player basically turns into a dummy for Chrono to shoot.


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