The weapon roster is probably the most important part of any shooter game... and Free Fire is not an exception. Garena has always tried to bolster Free Fire's arsenal with new and exciting guns so that players would have new options for combat.

In this article, we would list everything you need to know about the new MAG-7 weapon in Free Fire

1 - What is the Mag-7?

A recent Datamine has revealed that Garena is going to add another automatic shotgun called MAG-7 into the game. This would be the second automatic shotgun after the M1014 - looks like its reign as the best shotgun in the game has come to an end.

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The MAG-7 is a fairly popular gun in videogames - it is part of the arsenal of CS:GO and CoD Modern Warfare. The special thing about the MAG 7 is that it is smaller than most shotguns, with a more slender single barrel.


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2 - MAG-7's Stats in Free Fire

Because of its smaller barrel, you can expect the spread of MAG-7 to be much tighter than the other shotguns in Free Fire. You would be able to deal massive damage with an accurate hit. With the debut of this gun, you would have an alternate option for the M1014.

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The Free Fire version of the MAG-7 is going to use the normal shotgun ammunition - it is expected to have a long reload time and small magazine size, similar to the versions from other games.

3 - When will the MAG-7 be released?

The exact date is not known yet - but it is likely to be released on the December update based on the leakers' information. This lined up nicely with Free Fire's New Year event at the end of the month.

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