The official patch notes of the OB26 update of Free Fire has been released. In this patch, Garena has made many weapon changes to make the game more balanced. In this article, we will show you all the weapon changes in the OB26 update of Free Fire and discuss how it will affect the game.

Free Fire Ob26 Update Details D78f

Free Fire OB26 Weapon Changes

New weapon


A new shotgun called MAG-7 has been added to both the battle royale mode and clash squad mode. The MAG-7 is a mid-range shotgun with a high rate of fire. This weapon is expected to be one of the best weapons for close-range combats in the next patch.

Mag7 Free Fire 28e9

FF Knife

This weapon will be available in both classic and ranked mode. It is a melee weapon that you can throw and deal tons of damage to the enemy. This weapon has been introduced a year ago in the Cold Steel event mode.



  • Minimum damage reduces by 1.
  • Maximum range reduced by 4 in Akimbo mode.

The Vector has been absolutely monstrous in the Clash Squad mode with an insane amount of damage. Reducing the damage and range of the Vector will allow players to have a chance against it.

Kriss Vector 3
The Double Vector has been the most annoying weapon to fight against in the Clash Squad mode


  • Minimum damage reduces by 1.
  • Maximum range reduced by 1.

Even though the M1887 is a shotgun, it has a much higher range than other shotgun weapons, making it the king in close to mid-range combat. With these nerfs, the M1887 will be much more manageable in mid-range combats.

Maxresdefault D862
The range and the damage of the M1887 will lbe nerfed


  • Recoil reduced from 0.28 to 0.25.
  • Maximum range reduced by 34 to 29.

The range of Parafal was too high for an auto rifle so it has been nerfed a little bit to match other auto rifles.


  • Fire rate increase from 0.39 to 0.42.
  • Removed magazine attachment.

The Woodpecker has a huge fire rate as well as magazine size, which makes it way too powerful. The weapon won't be able to use a Magazine attachment anymore so it won't become imbalanced with the Lv 3 Magazine.

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The Woodpecker has a huge magazine as well as a fast fire rate


  • Fire rate reduced from 0.48 to 0.53.
  • Bonus body bamage reduced from 50% to 40%.

SVD is the best weapon to get from the airdrop with huge damage and a fast fire rate. It will receive a big nerf so players can deal with this weapon easier.



  • Fire rate increased from 0.18 to 0.168.
  • Maximum damage increased by 3.
  • Recoil increased from 0.20 to 0.23.

Groza was the least picked weapon from the airdrop and it doesn't stand out from other ARs at all so Garena has decided to give it some damage buff. The Groza is the only weapon got buffed in the OB26 update.

Ae7a2 16057030458590 800
The Groza was too underwhelming as an airdrop weapon


The M1014 will get a small damage buff and rate of fire buff so it will not be too underwhelming compared to the M1887.


The UMP will get a damage increase and more armor penetration, making it more relevant against other SMGs.


The M1249 gets a little bit of movement increase and damage increase. But no one likes using this weapon anyway so it will be still quite useless.

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