Free Fire has introduced a new pay-to-play event called Penta Flip with a lot of amazing prizes. This time-limited event lasts from September 2nd to 8th, 2020. As mentioned in the name of this event, players need to flip Penta cards to get rewards. Check it out here with

Things To Know About Penta Flip Event In Free Fire

Penta Flip is a time-limited event that you need to pay diamonds to play and receive amazing rewards. To join this event, you go to the event center and tap on the banner. Then, you can check out the prize pool in the prize list. There are five grand prizes and a lot of normal prizes you can get from this event.

Flipt Card
Penta Flip Event Lobby

Besides, you can see five cards in the event lobby. One of these cards will give you a grand prize and four others give you normal rewards. In addition, there is a 'Shuffle' button below these cards. When you tap on this button, all these cards will be shuffled. Then, you choose one card to flip and get the rewards on that card.

Event Prize
Check Out The Event Prize List

You need to pay 20 diamonds to flip a card in the first round. Next, you keep shuffling the cards and flipping your favorite card. However, in the following rounds, the number of diamonds you need to pay to flip cards will increase. In the second round, Free Fire players need to pay 40 diamonds. Then, the price of the following rounds will be 60, 80, and 100 diamonds.

Volcano Fury Pan
One of these cards will give you a grand prize

The sixth round is called the Final Round with all five cards of all grand prizes. Normally, you will have to spend about 700 diamonds to win all five grand prizes at this event. Here are five grand prizes that you can win:

  • Volcanic Fury Pans and Gloo Wall Skins (2 different prizes)
  • Flery Flames Surfboard Skin
  • Volcano Loot Crate
  • Dragon Lair Backpack

There are many other normal rewards, such as gun boxes, time-limited Diamond Royale Voucher, Incubator Voucher, and Weapon Royale Voucher, Magic Cube Fragments, etc. This event will end on September 8th, 2020. Don't miss this amazing chance to get these attractive rewards.