Free Fire pets, pet skins, and pet emote in the Pet Store are sale off today. You shouldn't miss this great chance to get these huge discounts. The event will end today. So, you had better hurry up to buy these items with fewer diamonds.

Free Fire Pet Store Sales Off Today

Free Fire introduced a 2-day Pet Store Sale event to all players. It’s a great chance to purchase your favorite pets, pet skins, and pet emotes at lower prices. Players can get great discounts up to 50% on all items. The event is live in two days, from July 6th to 7th. So, the Sale-off event will end today. You should hurry up or you will get this wonderful chance to get your favorite pets with fewer diamonds.

Free Fire Pet Store Discount 1
Get great discounts in Free Fire Pet Store Sale event

In specific, Mechanical Pup and Kitty are sold off at a 33% rate. Each of these two pets costs you 199 diamonds after discounted. In addition, you get a discount of 43% on all other pets each of which costs 399 diamonds today only.

Free Fire Pets Discount
The event will end today

Besides, you get the highest discount of 50% on three pet emotes, including the Fly Mechanical Pup, Dance Kitty, and Butterfly Kitty. The discounted price of these three emotes is 99 diamonds. The discounted price of other emotes is 199 diamonds with a 33% discount. Besides, a lot of pet skins are on sold off today. Here is the price list of pet skin discounts you should notice.

Pet Skins Sale Off
Pet Skins Sale Off

You can buy these items in the Pet Store in Free Fire Shop. They are available with discounts already. It’s a limited chance to get your favorite pets at greatly discounted prices. After this event, you need to pay more to buy pets, skins, and emotes for your pets.