Free Fire has launched a new limited event titled ‘Plague Phantom Summoning’ on July 3rd, 2020. It will last until July 9th. This event brings players a Plague Phantom bundle as the grand prize. Check out the full details of this event here.

Free Fire Plague Phantom Summoning Event Details

The main mission of this event is to summon plague phantom. You need to complete this mission to get the rare Plague Phantom bundle. You need to pay diamonds to use the Basic or Premium Summoner. The Basic Summoner is definitely cheaper than the Premium one.

Free Fire Plague Phantom Summoning Event Center
Plague Phantom Summoning Event Center

You need to pay 25 diamonds for each summoning time with the Basic Summoner while the Premium Summoner costs you 150 diamonds per summoning time. However, the Premium one definitely brings you a higher chance of getting the grand prize.

Free Fire Plague Phantom Summoning Price Pool
Price Pool Of This Event

Apart from the grand prize, you can get a lot of other prizes. The prizes you can get when using the Basic Summoner are Loadouts, Pet Food, and Weapon Boxes. Besides, when you use the Premium Summoner, you can get Death Lootboxes, Emote, Boards, Parachute, and Outfits.

Plague Phantom Bundle
Plague Phantom Bundle

Moreover, this event also brings a Lucky Stone to help you increase the chance of winning the grand prize. The Lucky Stone gives you 12 times further odds to win the Plague Phantom bundle reward. You need to pay 10 diamonds for each time of buying the Lucky Stone. However, the first time of purchase is free for you. Once you buy the Lucky Stone, you will get the further odds of winning below the Summoners, including Odds Small, Odds Medium, and +Odds Big.

Obviously, the Odd Small gives you less chance than the Odds Medium and Big. To win the grand prize with fewer diamonds, you should use the Premium summoner with the Odd Big, or att least the Odd Medium. The rewards will be sent to your Vault.