Free Fire players are reporting that they cannot get the Falco pet in the Beach Party Event. According to the previous announcement, players can get this bird pet by logging into the game on June 14th, 2020. But there were some mistakes and Free Fire players could not get Falco. Check out what happened to the game here with

Free Fire Players Cannot Get Falco Pet From Beach Event

Free Fire Beach Event has been live since last Sunday, June 14th, 2020. As announced, there would be a special event titled ‘Login to get Pet Falco’. It was supposed to reward players a Falco pet when they login to the game on the first day of that event. But due to some technical problems, Free Fire players cannot claim this pet on that day,

Players Cannot Claim Falco Pet In Beach Party Even
players cannot claim Falco pet in Beach Party event

Getting reports and feedbacks from players, the developers of Free Fire has made an announcement on social media to answer this problem. They notified the players that the developer team was dealing with some technical problems. Due to these errors, Free Fire players cannot get the Falco Pet and Hellfire Falco skin as announced before.

Free Fire Pet Skin
The developers are working hard on it to fix the issue

However, the developer team also announced that they were working hard on this issue. They also stated that the developers would extend the time of this event. It means that Free Fire players can still join this Beach Party event and get this pet and Hellfire Falco skin after the error has been fixed.

Falco Pet
Falco Pet comes with unique skills

Falco pet is a bird pet in Free Fire that comes with special skin and unique skills. Like other pets, Falco will be also the companion that supports players on the battleground. The unique skill of this bird pet is Flying Free Skill. It helps increase the glider speed when you jump out of the plane. Moreover, it also increases the dropping speed and helps you land on the ground faster on the ground.