Free Fire is no doubt one of the most played mobile games in India and it comes as no surprise why several youngsters are paving their own ways to pursue the professional career of content creators and draw attention from the community. You may stick to them for quite some time, and now we’ll be learning more about SK Sabir Boss, who is behind the popular YouTube channel ‘SK SABIR GAMING’.

SK Sabir Boss – ID Number

Sk Sabir Boss Id
SK Sabir's in-game ID number is 55479535.

Because many fans still fail to follow SK Sabir Boss, you can look out for him in the game with this Free Fire ID: 55479535. SK Sabir is a member of the guilt “BOSS” and that’s why it becomes a suffix for his nickname.

SK Sabir Boss – Stats

Lifetime stats

Sk Sabir Boss Lifetime
For the time being, SK Sabir has an awesome K/D ratio of 5.36 and 88417 kills.

SK Sabir Boss already stepped into a total of 24774 squad games with a win percentage of 33.39% and 8273 Booyahs in tow. For the time being, the YouTuber has an awesome K/D ratio of 5.36 as well as 88417 kills.

When it comes to the Duo mode, SK Sabir took part in 2831 games and rose to victory in 594 of them. This mode accounts for 7719 enemies taken down by him and helps maintain an average K/D ratio of 3.45. SK Sabir meanwhile achieves 141 victories in the Solo mode after playing 1566 matches.

Ranked Stats

Sk Sabir Boss Ranked
Here's his ranked performance.

The number of squad games SK Sabir played in this season goes up to 773. He managed to register a win rate of 28.33% alongside 2158 kills and a mind-blowing K/D ratio of 3.90. The talented gamer also made his own way into 18 Duo matches and took back 5 wins.

SK Sabir Boss – YouTube Channel

Feel free to visit SK SABIR GAMING on YouTube and give his channel a shot. In fact, the channel is home to 2.1 million subscribers and SK Sabir has garnered approximately 100 million views through it since he posted the very first video in September 2019.

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