Free Fire is a popular battle royale game where 50 players fight on an abandoned island until their only 1 survivor left. The late-game period of a match in Free Fire is the hardest because remaining the players are all the best players in the match.

In this article, we will show you 10 important tips for you to secure your Booyah in the late game.

1. Use UAV Lite

UAV Lite is an item that you can use to release and UAV and detect enemies around you. The safe zone is small in the late game, the UAV Lite will easily find all the locations of the remaining enemies.

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2. Stay on the edge of the zone

Keep yourself on the edge of the safe zone will help you not getting surrounded by many players. It also helps you predict where the enemies might be coming from easily.

3. Stack up Gloo Walls and Grenades

Gloo Walls and Grenades are super important in the late game of Free Fire. Gloo Wall can save your life while Grenades will help you kill enemies without even facing them.

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4. Use an Inhaler to heal

The Inhaler is an item that allows you to heal while moving. The timer in the final zones is low, the Inhaler will keep your HP high while you are moving. While it heals less than a Med Kit, it is dangerous to stop and use a Med Kit in the late game.

5. Bring a Pan

Among all melee weapons in Free Fire, the Pan is the one that can block bullets which increases your survibility by a little bit.


6. Fill up Your EP

EP will heal you up passively, which is important. As you have to race with the zone and the enemies, there will be no time to stop and heal.

7. Away stay near covers

When the zone is small, it is very dangerous to show yourself in the open space. Enemies will be able to spot you easily and take you down. If there are no covers nearby, you can use Gloo Wall to protect yourself while running.

8. Use Ice Gun

The Ice Gun will create an Ice Wall that moves forward. While it has much less HP than a Gloo Wall, it serves great as temporary protection to get to another location in the late game.


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